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What is the purpose of RETeach.us?

RETeach.us provides a central location for AAR members to write & read class or instructor reviews; helping them to find the best instructors and the best classes available. RETeach.us is also a great resource for obtaining class schedules, event information and articles to help with educator development.

Reviews are generated by students (AAR members). Submitted reviews are moderated to prevent spam and inappropriate comments—beyond that, reviews are posted as-is, without bias and are the sole responsibility of the commentor.

These reviews are meant to provide students with a forum, of sorts, to give constructive feedback, voice issues and make recommendations — student reviews help other students, as well as, instructors to enhance and improve the REALTOR® education experience for everyone.

RETeach.us was created in 2011 by the Arizona Association of REALTORS® to promote higher standards of real estate knowledge and competence for real estate instructors and administrators and, of course, to help REALTORS® learn.

The Arizona Association of REALTORS® is dedicated to delivering preeminent educational programs and resources to help those AAR members desiring to succeed in the real estate industry.

We hope you share these ideals, find great value in the RETeach.us service & achieve all of your goals.

Barb Freestone


Barb Freestone
Senior Vice President,
Professional & Business Development
Arizona Association of REALTORS®


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